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A checklist for finding a lawyer to draw up a prenup

It may seem like a mixed marriage since he's a surgeon and she's an OB/GYN, but it has worked out good so far and they've set a date. As scientists, financial acumen may not be a strong suite, but it now appears that both are on track for financially robust careers. One difference is that he comes from a wealthy family with an extensive financial portfolio, while she is more middle class with a fair amount of student loan debt from medical school.

Domestic violence and family law cases

Domestic violence can strike a variety of families, and is not an uncommon issue in divorce. Anyone can be facing it as an issue, even celebrities, such as the recent, highly-publicized case of actor Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. When people hear the term "domestic violence," many get a certain picture in their head. The picture that most people have is not necessarily the same as a person who experiences it directly.

Understanding legal status of an artist's artwork in a divorce

New York couples who are dealing with marital issues may be interested in learning about how certain types of property are handled in a divorce. Creative works can present particular issues due to the sentimental value to their creator.