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How can I lessen the impact of my divorce on my kids?

Divorce is becoming a common experience in New York. But that does not make it any less traumatizing for the children who have to go through it. You may be divorcing your spouse because you feel your relationship is no longer healthy for you and your kids. All the negativity, arguing and lack of affection makes it hard for you to maintain a healthy and positive family dynamic. Although you may be divorcing your spouse for good reasons, your kids can still suffer from the impact of your separation. Their resiliency does not make them impervious to what is going on between you and their other parent. 

Separating finances during divorce: Part 1

When people get married, they combine their finances and households in hopes of living the rest of their lives together. But when it is time for them to divorce, they have a hard time separating their finances. Throughout their years together, they may have amassed joint debts, accounts, properties and other assets. Problems often arise when one spouse feels they deserve to receive more than what is fair or their partner is willing to give. According to, it is best for divorcing couples to eliminate all financial ties to each other. 

How to shield your kids from the negative effects of divorce

Many parents in New York are so caught up in their divorce battles with their partners that they often fail to consider how their situations affect their children. According to Scientific America, 1.5 million children have parents who are divorced. Many of kids become caught in the middle of things as their parents fight over custody and other important matters. Spouses who are committed to their kids' well-being should pay attention to how their actions during divorce can affect them. 

How to cope with the stress of divorce

Divorce can be a very scary and unsettling process for many people in New York. Not only do they have to separate their lives from their partners, but they also have to establish themselves and change their way of thinking. They may welcome these changes with open arms, but the stress that often comes with them and fear of the unknown can be hard to tolerate, states 

What to do when staying married is no longer an option

Taking the first step towards filing for divorce New York is often the hardest for many couples. Before people who are separating from their spouses can start living their lives freely, they should take some time to prepare themselves for the divorce process.

Social Media and Divorce: Mistakes to avoid

It is only natural for some people in New York to share every single detail about their divorces on social media with their friends and family. For some people, it is a way to release their feelings and get support from their peers. However, doing so can create some unexpected and unpleasant complications with the outcome, states Instead, separating couples may want to stay clear of social media altogether until their divorces are finalized.

How do I protect my business from divorce?

If you own a business in New York and are thinking about filing for divorce, you should start taking precautions now to protect your company. It does not matter if you manage the company by yourself and your spouse made contributions to it or your spouse is a partner, your business is an asset that can become a spoil of divorce.

How does divorce affect my tax situation?

When contemplating divorce, many people in New York forget to consider what happens to their tax situation. Along with adjusting to new living arrangements and making the transition to singlehood, people should take a few considerations into mind so they can avoid complications.

Don't let an abuser stop you from filing for divorce

Are you a professional or a business owner in Nassau or Suffolk County who wants to file for a divorce but fear for your safety? People in all occupations and lifestyles fear their spouses may harm them in some way to prevent them from leaving. Abuse need not be physical -- any harassing or threatening acts qualify as domestic violence if you are legally married to the abuser, formerly married, have a child together or live together.

How can I protect myself before divorce?

Many people who are contemplating divorce in New York do not understand how lengthy the process is. Divorces do not happen overnight. Once you decide to separate from your partner, there are many things that need to transpire before the courts will grant your divorce. You should prepare yourself before you start the divorce process to avoid complications that could make your separation harder to get through.