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Divorce Mediation Archives

Mediate your way to a stronger post-divorce future

New York couples considering divorce know that they are in for a process that is long, stressful and potentially contentious. The end of a marriage is difficult for every member of the family, but there are ways that a couple can minimize the complication during this time of transition.

Divorce mediation explained

If you are getting a divorce in New York, then you have the option of mediation. Mediation is less costly than divorce and can move things along much more quickly. We at Cobert, Haber & Haber do want you to be aware that mediation is only going to work if you are your spouse are open to working together and communicating honestly. It will not work if an open discussion cannot take place. Mediation can handle all the different aspects of your divorce, from child support to asset division.

Learning effective listening skills

Couples in New York who have poor listening skills may be headed to divorce. One of the most important aspects of relationships is communication. When it starts to breakdown or is not maintained, couples who may already be struggling in other areas of their relationships many become more inclined to call it quits because they cannot see a clear resolution in sight.

What are the benefits of divorce mediation?

Whether you have already filed for divorce or you are in the beginning stages of terminating your marriage, it is important to know all of your options. Divorce mediation has quickly become a popular alternative to litigation for many couples who wish to settle the terms of their divorce out of court. Although this form of divorce is not ideal for every case, it may be advantageous for some people who are filing for divorce in New York.