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Child Support Archives

Paternity testing and DNA fraud

Paternity testing and DNA fraud are on the rise in New York. It is not uncommon for males to question the paternity of children they may have fathered. Nor is it uncommon for women to do so either However, it is unusual for them to go to extraordinary lengths to try and prove that they are not biologically related to their children. According to DNA Testing Choice, “successful attempts at paternity fraud are rare, although the occurrences of it are becoming more common.”

Life insurance and child support

One way that a former spouse in New York can protect themselves financially in a divorce is to ask for a life insurance policy to cover their former partner’s child support obligations. According to, as soon as one parent knows they are going to file for divorce, they should take immediate action regarding their insurance policies. Failure to do so can leave matters involving the policies up to the discretion of the courts because filing for divorce will result in an immediate freezing of all accounts.

Understanding the basics of child support

Many non-custodial parents are ordered by the court to contribute financially to their children's care and upbringing. Child support laws vary by state; so, any parent with concerns will first want to seek clarification of the particular guidelines governing the state in which he or she resides. Often, people with questions turn to experienced family law attorneys for guidance in such matters.

Child support dispute center's around Charlie Sheen's income

The main factor determining the amount of child support that someone in New York has to pay is income. For those who make millions of dollars every year, their child support obligations are going to be significantly higher than those who are barely making ends meet. Child support is designed to provide for the care of the children and this includes housing, education, health care and meeting their basic needs.

Modifying child support payments

New York parents who are separated may wonder how and under what circumstances their child support agreements can be modified. Even if parents verbally agree on a modification, it is still necessary to make the legal change in court so that it becomes official.

A different view of "deadbeat dads"

New York fathers who abandon their financial responsibility to their children are often the target of scorn and derision. Around the county, 2011 census data showed that men paid less than two-thirds of the child support that they owed to the mothers of their children.

Collecting back child support by garnishment

As divorced parents in New York who have custody of their children may know, it is sometimes difficult to collect overdue child support payments from the non-custodial parent. If the parent who owes the support is not employed, some options might be available to enforce the payment of those delinquent amounts.

How is child support calculated?

In New York, child support owed by the non-custodial parent is calculated according to the Child Support Standards Act. This mandates that non-custodial parents pay a fixed percentage of income to the custodial parent until the child turns 21. For one child, it is 17 percent; for two, it is 25 percent; for three, it is 29 percent; for four, it is 31 percent; for five or more, it is 35 percent.

Berry's child support request reveals double standard

When it comes to child support, there is an ingrained way of thinking about the payments. Most people think that it is the man who has to pay the woman in the wake of a divorce where children are involved. After all, 60 years ago society dictated that men would work and earn the family's income and women would stay at home and look after the kids and the house.