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Child Custody Archives

How can I prepare for child custody hearing?

If you and your spouse in New York cannot come to an agreement about child custody, then the courts will intervene and do it for you. Although you may have valid reasons and strong feelings about why your former partner should not be awarded primary custody, those factors are not enough to get the courts to rule in your favor. Your children’s best interests should be the primary concern between you and their other parent. 

Don't let child custody problems zap your holiday spirit

Easter, Kwanzaa, Passover, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July and other holidays are typical components of many families' customs throughout the nation. There's something special about days set aside to celebrate a specific idea or event that brings families closer together and creates lasting, cherished memories. If you're thinking that used to be the case for you and your family until you and your former spouse chose to divorce, you are definitely not alone. Many parents find themselves entangled in contentious child custody battles surrounding their favorite holiday seasons.

You divorced your spouse, not your children

You are obviously not the only parent in Garden City who does not have custody of his or her children. There is no shame in being a non-custodial parent, although the term is sometimes suspect to speculation as to why children were placed with one parent over the other. The fact that you divorced your former spouse does not mean you are not a good parent. Further, just because you are the non-custodial parent, certainly does not mean you have no rights.

Can visitation be enforced if I am denied parent time by my ex?

Divorce in New York can be such messy affairs, especially when there are children involved. If you are being denied access to your kids by your ex, you may find yourself wondering if there is any way that court-ordered visitation can be enforced. There may be legitimate reasons why your ex is not complying like scheduling conflicts or illness. However, you should try to work with the other parent to resolve those issues and make modifications as needed. As frustrating and heartbreaking as this experience may seem there are ways you can overcome it.

Helping children cope with divorce during the holidays

Parents in New York who are contemplating or are going through a divorce during the holiday season should consider taking extra measures to help their children deal with the situation. This is a time of year that is associated with happiness, family, love and goodwill. However, it is also associated with new relationships, visitation schedule conflicts and battles over presents for many of the four million divorced parents in the country, states CNN. This time of year can also become a source of stress and unhappy memories for children.

How can I maintain a relationship with my noncustodial children?

If your ex-spouse in New York has been awarded custodial custody of your kids, you may be wondering how you can still maintain a healthy relationship with them. As challenging as co-parenting can be, noncustodial parents often face bigger obstacles than their custodial counterparts.

How can I transition to a single parent status?

Getting a divorce in New York means splitting one household into two. If you are in the process of finalizing your legal separation, you may find yourself wondering – how can I make the transition to single parent status? Becoming a single parent is a big adjustment. However, you should not let it affect your relationship with your children or the parenting one you have with your former spouse.

Noncustodial parent: can I maintain a relationship with my kids?

In your divorce decree, your former spouse was awarded primary custody of your children. Now that you are the noncustodial parent, you may be wondering how you can maintain and improve your relationship with your kids. Although there are certain challenges that may arise from being a noncustodial parent in New York, working with the other parent can help you to overcome them and create more a harmonious transition for everyone.