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Stay-at-home moms need a post-nuptial agreement

Wives who become stay-at-home moms in New York after getting married should have post-nuptial agreements. After all, not all marriages last forever. It is not uncommon for the parent who decides to forgo their career to stay home and raise their family to end up getting shortchanged in the situation. When there is no prenuptial agreement in place, women can still take measures to protect their assets so they can retain some kind of financial stability in the event of divorce with a post-nuptial agreement, states The Fiscal Times.

Prenuptial agreements eliminate arguments later on

As unromantic as prenuptial agreements may sound to couples who are contemplating marriage in New York, they can be a great conflict and argument deterrent in the future. Not very many people think about what could happen to their relationships later on down the road when they are in the midst of a divorce. However, doing so can enable them to take measures to protect themselves.

TV star made lump sum payment to ex in divorce settlement

There are numerous issues that must be settled when New York couples get divorced. This includes dividing their marital assets, determining child custody and awarding alimony. Sometimes, these decisions fall to the court. However, in other cases, couples may reach agreements on their own regarding spousal support and other issues.

What factors determine alimony eligibility in NY?

If you are making the decision to divorce or your spouse has filed for divorce, you must address your changing financial circumstances. Here at Cobert Haber & Haber Attorneys at Law, we often meet with New Yorkers whose spouses make significantly more money than they do. We understand the impact that losing a source of income can have on your life, and that you may need some financial help for a while.

More men are asking for alimony in divorce settlements

There has been a long tradition of women receiving alimony after a divorce, but societal shifts may make it harder to determine which spouse deserves this support. Although still a significant minority due to gender biases, there has been an increase in men rewarded alimony as part of their divorce settlements in New York and around the country, according to Reuters.