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Social Media and Divorce: Mistakes to avoid

It is only natural for some people in New York to share every single detail about their divorces on social media with their friends and family. For some people, it is a way to release their feelings and get support from their peers. However, doing so can create some unexpected and unpleasant complications with the outcome, states Instead, separating couples may want to stay clear of social media altogether until their divorces are finalized.

Couples who plan to continue using social media during their separation should steer clear of the following mistakes.

Bad mouthing the soon-to-be ex-spouse

Some people find it hard to resist posting negative information about their former partners. Bad mouthing their exes may make them feel better, but it can also increase the amount of stress and tension that exists between themselves, partners, children and other involved family members. It can also cause mutual friends to choose sides and result in a loss of empathy and support.


Some individuals have a challenging time moving on once the divorce process has started. Even though they are no longer in relationships with their soon-to-be former spouse, they want to know about everything that is going on in their lives. They may resort to reading all of their posts on social media so they can maintain some sort of connection or out of spite. They may also feel tempted to break the law and login to their social media accounts. These actions can make it harder for them to move on past their ending relationships so they can move forward with their lives. 

Revealing too much info

According to, some people are so obsessed with social media that they overshare. They do not realize or care that there is a fine line between what is appropriate to share on social media and what is not. Sharing too much information on social media about one’s divorce situation can lead keep important and personal information from staying private.

Divorce and social media do not mix. Couples who plan to use it should practice discretion to the potential complications and trauma that can occur.

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