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How can I protect myself before divorce?

Many people who are contemplating divorce in New York do not understand how lengthy the process is. Divorces do not happen overnight. Once you decide to separate from your partner, there are many things that need to transpire before the courts will grant your divorce. You should prepare yourself before you start the divorce process to avoid complications that could make your separation harder to get through.

Start a support system

Divorces are often hard and draining on everyone. Start spending more time with your family and friends so they can provide you with the support you will need to get through this challenging time. It is normal for you to vent and express your anger and negative feelings, cry and not feel alone while you are going through the process and afterward. You should even consider counseling if you find that you are having a tough time with the transition.

Sort out your finances

Before divorce is an option, you should start sorting out your financial situation, states the AARP. Many couples have joint accounts, debts and investments together. Start paying off and closing those accounts so you have no extra or lingering ties to your soon-to-be ex-spouse after your divorce.

It is important for you to know where all the money and assets are in your situation. Ask your spouse for information about all their accounts and assets. Do not forget to gather documentation for all their assets. If they refuse to share that information with you or you suspect that they may be hiding something, you may need to file for full disclosure from your former partner.

Make copies of everything and store them somewhere safe and secure. Work on improving your financial worthiness. Pull your credit report so you can start paying off delinquent accounts and remove negative marks from it. It is important for you to get control of your financial situation now.The more steps you take to prepare for your divorce before it happens, the better you will feel about the decision. You may also enjoy a more favorable outcome.

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