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March 2017 Archives

Divorce mediation explained

If you are getting a divorce in New York, then you have the option of mediation. Mediation is less costly than divorce and can move things along much more quickly. We at Cobert, Haber & Haber do want you to be aware that mediation is only going to work if you are your spouse are open to working together and communicating honestly. It will not work if an open discussion cannot take place. Mediation can handle all the different aspects of your divorce, from child support to asset division.

How does divorce affect my tax situation?

When contemplating divorce, many people in New York forget to consider what happens to their tax situation. Along with adjusting to new living arrangements and making the transition to singlehood, people should take a few considerations into mind so they can avoid complications.

Don't let an abuser stop you from filing for divorce

Are you a professional or a business owner in Nassau or Suffolk County who wants to file for a divorce but fear for your safety? People in all occupations and lifestyles fear their spouses may harm them in some way to prevent them from leaving. Abuse need not be physical -- any harassing or threatening acts qualify as domestic violence if you are legally married to the abuser, formerly married, have a child together or live together.

How can I protect myself before divorce?

Many people who are contemplating divorce in New York do not understand how lengthy the process is. Divorces do not happen overnight. Once you decide to separate from your partner, there are many things that need to transpire before the courts will grant your divorce. You should prepare yourself before you start the divorce process to avoid complications that could make your separation harder to get through.

Mistakes to avoid in divorce

People in New York should plan their divorces carefully so they can avoid making mistakes that can impact them in the long run. Ending a relationship is never easy, but with the right amount of preparation, it is possible to minimize the negative effects so that the desired outcome is achieved.

Real estate and divorce

Splitting up is already hard enough for many couples in New York without them arguing over real estate. Determining who gets to keep or sell the home is not easy, especially when there are feelings involved.