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What is an uncontested divorce?

Getting divorced is not always as easy as it seems for many couples in New York. Separating spouses who can remain amicable and agree on important matters, such as the division of assets, child custody, visitation and other concerns may benefit from an uncontested divorce. Uncontested separations can be very beneficial for couples. It allows them to keep the details of their divorces private. According to Livestrong, trials are not necessary for uncontested divorces. It also allows them to speed up the legal process to help minimize the effects on their children and themselves.

Communication is very important in uncontested divorces. When one spouse has trouble reaching agreements about certain aspects of their divorce situation and they refuse to communicate their concerns in a positive and productive manner, their former spouse must find a way to get past those barriers in order for the separation to remain uncontested. If meeting and speaking with each is not possible, couples may benefit from working a mediator to resolve their issues.

The lack of animosity and disagreements make it easy for both parties to resolve their separation so they can both move forward with their lives. A faster resolution in divorce means fewer expenses. There is no need for long and drawn out battles to determine who gets custody of the kids, to stay in the marital home or gets control of certain assets and properties. Uncontested divorces are also beneficial for people who have spouses that do not respond to being served with divorce papers, states

Couples who have a substantial amount of assets or concerns about custody may have problems making decisions without negotiating with each other first. If the negotiations turn into screaming matches and arguments, then an uncontested divorce may no longer be a good idea.

Separating spouses who start off pursuing uncontested divorces are not obligated to continue with them. Before filing for divorce, couples should examine all their options.

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