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How to resolve divorce disputes

It is very common for divorcing couples in New York to argue and dispute details about their situations with their soon-to-be ex-partners. Separating couples who learn how to manage their disagreements without getting the courts involved can minimize the impact of the situation on their lives. When there are children involved, couples should work towards minimizing the effects of the situation on them. Divorces are not always easy, states U.S. News & World Report. However, they are often easier to resolve when both partners are on the same page.

The reasons for not agreeing on separation, child custody, financial matters and other important issues often vary. Sometimes one partner does not believe their ex-spouse should receive the financial support and assets they are requesting. Or they may have some animosity going on that causes them to dispute things to draw the situation out for spite. Regardless of why these disputes occur, couples should learn to resolve their disputes so they can avoid the lengthy and legal complications that can occur.

Look at the bigger picture

Many couples lose sight of the big picture because they are so busy engaging in power plays and trying to one-up each other. Most people have a lot at stake during separations. Instead of trying to shortchange each other, both partners should remind themselves that their ultimate goal is to separate with very minimal residual effects as possible. This cannot happen when they refuse to work together to resolve their disputes.

Work with a mediator

When divorce disputes get nasty and when neither person in the relationship can agree on things, it is often beneficial for them to work with a third-party professional, such as a mediator. Mediators do not gain anything from divorce situations. They do not have reasons to choose one side over the other. Instead, their function is to act as a buffer between spouses. They can keep them on track during discussions, help them to come up with alternative solutions and keep soon-to-be exes from fighting. Mediation allows couples to keep the courts from making important decisions about their divorces so they can do so themselves, states

Communication is very important during divorces. When spouses are unable to or choose not to communicate with each other, it becomes next to impossible for them to resolve their differences. This can lead to their divorce situation taking longer than anticipated to resolve and an increase in disputes and negative emotions. Former partners who choose to use mediation to resolve their disputes often enjoy a better outcome.

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