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Signs you may be headed for divorce

One of the hardest decisions married people in New York will ever make is getting divorced. Some couples know when it is time for them to call it quits, others do not. For some partners, the signs of separation are very obvious. In other cases, one partner has arrived at the decision to separate well in advance of their spouse and have yet to muster up the courage to inform them of their decision. Many spouses feel that they are caught unawares with this kind of news. However subtle they may be, there are signs that indicate divorce may be on the horizon.


According to YourTango, spouses who cannot stand to be around each other, avoid each other. They may feel more comfortable with spending more time with their friends and families and seek out ways to do so instead of spending time with their each other. In addition to hiding from each other, they may withhold certain information regarding their spending habits, romantic interests, whereabouts and other actions.

Lack of romantic interest

Some spouses have intimacy issues that keep them from having or enjoying a romantic interest in each other. Their relationship may feel more like a friendship and their living situation may seem like they are roommates instead of husband and wife.

Change in priorities

Couples who are together for the long haul have the same or similar priorities. They hold very similar values that can help to keep them in tune with each other so they can reach their goals, states Sometimes people change and they no longer have the same priorities or values in common with their spouses as they did when they married them.

No communication

Couples who are in healthy relationships communicate with each other. They share their feelings and are not afraid to discuss things that may lead to conflict or negative feelings before they are resolved. Couples who do not communicate with other do not share their feelings, nor do they try to resolve any issues that may be keeping them from being together.

Couples who are fighting or not getting along should keep their eyes open for the signs of divorce. Knowing what they are can lead to a faster resolution.

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