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Is divorce on your agenda for the new year?

Divorce is a hot commodity for couples in New York who are bringing in the new year together. Instead of making resolutions about going to the gym, many of them are trying to speed up the divorce process in hopes of starting the year off single. According to, the second week of January is when the number of divorce filings is at its highest for the year. Many people start their search before the holidays but do not take legal action until after the new year rolls around.

Divorces are hard on families, especially when children are involved. Many people want to enjoy the holidays with their families and avoid much of the negativity and drama that may ensue if they announce their plans before they are over.

There are other reasons why some couples wait until January to split, states They have more time to plan their exit strategies. Many people are finalizing their expenses and taking inventory of their lifestyles. They need to determine how much money they will need to manage their own households and associated expenses since they will no longer have their soon-to-be ex-spouses income to rely on.

Another reason is the holiday season tends to bring out the emotional side of people. With friends and family coming over and holiday shopping to be done, people are focused on making the most of their situation by keeping things on a positive note. Many people do not feel divorce announcements during the holidays are appropriate. They do not want to look like the bad guy, nor do they want to be responsible for ruining the festivities.

There are many reasons why couples file for divorce during the first month of the year than any other time. Regardless of what they are, former spouses should plan their situation accordingly to minimize the negative effects of the situation.

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