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3 common factors that contribute to divorce

People in New York who are contemplating marriage may be surprised to learn that there are some factors that increase the likelihood of divorce. When there are issues that add stress, conflict and turmoil into the situation, most people are ready to cut their losses and separate. Marriages that end in divorce do not all end for the same reasons.

Infidelity and cheating

Some married people have infidelity and commitment issues that ultimately lead cause to cheat on their partners. There are many reasons people resort to cheating, such as a lack of attention from their spouses, lost interest, attraction issues and an unwillingness to work at their relationships. Spouses who are unfulfilled inside of their relationships tend to look outside of their marriages for others to fill the void, resulting in emotional affairs turning into physical ones, states MSN.

Unrealistic expectations

Many people who marry often do not anticipate many of the challenges that come from being married. They exchange their vows with the expectation that everything will always remain the same. What they fail to realize is that as time goes on, things change. Spouses often grow apart and change into people that their partners have trouble tolerating and loving.


Finances are a leading cause of divorce. According to Psychology Today, money management issues and a struggling economy can exacerbate financial problems and become a source of constant conflict between partners.

Marriage is not always easy. There may be times where conflicts and emotions run high. Some spouses can resolve their differences with counseling and mediation instead of going through the courts for divorce.

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