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January 2017 Archives

Parental alienation and how it affects your children

It is not uncommon for a New York parent to harbor ill feelings towards his or her spouse after the divorce is finalized. But when those feelings spill over into the way he or she interacts with their children, it could lead to parental alienation. 11 to 15 percent of divorces, in which there are children involve parental alienation, states A Voice for Men.

Signs you may be headed for divorce

One of the hardest decisions married people in New York will ever make is getting divorced. Some couples know when it is time for them to call it quits, others do not. For some partners, the signs of separation are very obvious. In other cases, one partner has arrived at the decision to separate well in advance of their spouse and have yet to muster up the courage to inform them of their decision. Many spouses feel that they are caught unawares with this kind of news. However subtle they may be, there are signs that indicate divorce may be on the horizon.

You divorced your spouse, not your children

You are obviously not the only parent in Garden City who does not have custody of his or her children. There is no shame in being a non-custodial parent, although the term is sometimes suspect to speculation as to why children were placed with one parent over the other. The fact that you divorced your former spouse does not mean you are not a good parent. Further, just because you are the non-custodial parent, certainly does not mean you have no rights.

3 common factors that contribute to divorce

People in New York who are contemplating marriage may be surprised to learn that there are some factors that increase the likelihood of divorce. When there are issues that add stress, conflict and turmoil into the situation, most people are ready to cut their losses and separate. Marriages that end in divorce do not all end for the same reasons.

Is divorce on your agenda for the new year?

Divorce is a hot commodity for couples in New York who are bringing in the new year together. Instead of making resolutions about going to the gym, many of them are trying to speed up the divorce process in hopes of starting the year off single. According to, the second week of January is when the number of divorce filings is at its highest for the year. Many people start their search before the holidays but do not take legal action until after the new year rolls around.