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Learning effective listening skills

Couples in New York who have poor listening skills may be headed to divorce. One of the most important aspects of relationships is communication. When it starts to breakdown or is not maintained, couples who may already be struggling in other areas of their relationships many become more inclined to call it quits because they cannot see a clear resolution in sight.

According to Lifezette, reading, speech and writing are frequently used, but the most used and least taught communication skill is listening. Many divorcing couples are not very interested in what their partners have to say because they are more concerned with making themselves heard. They may be used to their partners not listening to them and giving them their complete attention. This hurts the relationship because it can also increase the likelihood of them seeking attention and a listening ear from outside of their marriage.

Couples should work on improving their listening skills so they can adjust their other communication skills accordingly. They should learn to remain calm during discussions and to only interrupt when it is necessary to do so. Couples who are listening to their former partners should avoid passing judgment and try to see things from the other person’s viewpoint, states They should keep an open mind about what is said so they can put the speaker at ease so they will continue to express themselves. This makes it possible for communication to become productive because the partner who is listening is giving meaningful and appropriate responses.

Couples who learn to listen to their partners effectively are in a better position to resolve their differences and divorce situation faster so they can move on with their lives.


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