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Divorces higher among baby boomers

No matter the age of the couple, divorce is never easy. The divorce rate in New York is dropping because more people are opting to stay married. However, according to, more baby boomers are getting divorced than ever. From 1990 to 2012, the divorce rate for couples who are 65 years old and older was triple while it was only double for people who were between the ages of 55 to 64 years-old.

Many older people who divorce their partners are still finding themselves, states CNN. They are constantly redefining their sense of self. Those who decide to leave their partners do so because they no longer want to feel restricted. Their sense of duty and commitment to their spouses is not as strong or important to them because they are also fighting to retain their youth, independence and sense of excitement.

Another reason the divorce rate seems to be shrinking for younger couples is because they have not been married as long as baby boomers have. They have not gone through some of the situations that may make them want to split up. Also, many people who decide to marry are waiting until they are older. Unlike many older married couples who tied the knot while they were in their late teens to early 20s, more young people are waiting until they are well into their 30s to get married.

Many older marriages end when serious illness comes into play that requires them to be cared for by their partners. Many older former spouses decide that they are not equipped or ready to give that level of care and devotion to their partners because of personal differences and their own health issues.

Baby boomers may have more time vested with their partners, but that familiarity is not the only thing that is needed to prevent divorce. Younger people who get married may also find themselves facing divorce in their old age.

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