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December 2016 Archives

Can visitation be enforced if I am denied parent time by my ex?

Divorce in New York can be such messy affairs, especially when there are children involved. If you are being denied access to your kids by your ex, you may find yourself wondering if there is any way that court-ordered visitation can be enforced. There may be legitimate reasons why your ex is not complying like scheduling conflicts or illness. However, you should try to work with the other parent to resolve those issues and make modifications as needed. As frustrating and heartbreaking as this experience may seem there are ways you can overcome it.

Divorces higher among baby boomers

No matter the age of the couple, divorce is never easy. The divorce rate in New York is dropping because more people are opting to stay married. However, according to, more baby boomers are getting divorced than ever. From 1990 to 2012, the divorce rate for couples who are 65 years old and older was triple while it was only double for people who were between the ages of 55 to 64 years-old.

Learning effective listening skills

Couples in New York who have poor listening skills may be headed to divorce. One of the most important aspects of relationships is communication. When it starts to breakdown or is not maintained, couples who may already be struggling in other areas of their relationships many become more inclined to call it quits because they cannot see a clear resolution in sight.

Is a divorce on your Christmas list?

The holidays can be stressful enough without a potential divorce looming over the festivities. While this is a time of joy for many, the holidays can also be full of family tension. You and other families in Nassau County may be among the countless others across the country who are heading for a divorce soon after the holiday season.