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Stay-at-home moms need a post-nuptial agreement

Wives who become stay-at-home moms in New York after getting married should have post-nuptial agreements. After all, not all marriages last forever. It is not uncommon for the parent who decides to forgo their career to stay home and raise their family to end up getting shortchanged in the situation. When there is no prenuptial agreement in place, women can still take measures to protect their assets so they can retain some kind of financial stability in the event of divorce with a post-nuptial agreement, states The Fiscal Times.

Suitable for Most Married Couples

According to The Daily Beast, working people can benefit from post-nuptials just as much as wealthy couples can. For many wives, staying at home means leaving the workforce and losing access to valuable networking opportunities and contacts. It is harder for women to reenter the workforce later on in life after being away from it for so long. Marketing themselves to potential employers can be challenging because they may have outdated skills and be inept at marketing themselves effectively. Post-nuptial agreements help to provide wives with financial security so they can become independent after being financially dependent on their former spouses for so long.

Married women should discuss their finances and post-nuptial concerns with their spouses, even if divorce is not an immediate or apparent issue. This will make it easier for them to establish a post-nuptial contract that protects their assets and gives them some financial stability so they can make the transition to being single and reentering the workforce an easier one.

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