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Helping children cope with divorce during the holidays

Parents in New York who are contemplating or are going through a divorce during the holiday season should consider taking extra measures to help their children deal with the situation. This is a time of year that is associated with happiness, family, love and goodwill. However, it is also associated with new relationships, visitation schedule conflicts and battles over presents for many of the four million divorced parents in the country, states CNN. This time of year can also become a source of stress and unhappy memories for children.

Postpone the tough decisions

Major decisions involving living arrangements, finances and other divorce-related matters can create tension and lead to arguments. Parents should avoid showing any signs of conflict around their children. If possible, they should also postpone making any tough decisions regarding their situation until after the holidays so their kids can continue to associate the season with positive memories and feelings.

Spend more quality time

Parents should spend more time with their children during this time in their lives. They should do things their children want to do so they can learn more about them. This will allow them to strengthen their bond and enhance communication so they can understand them better. This makes it easier for their kids to associate positive and healthy memories with each parent, especially during the holiday season.

Establish a routine

Children need stability in their lives. Divorce situations often shake things up, making it harder for them to feel safe and secure. Parents should try to maintain as much structure as possible in their households. According to WebMD, they should create a routine and stick to it so their kids can become more comfortable with all of the changes that are taking place.

There is nothing festive about divorces that occur during the holiday season. Parents who are able to postpone the situation a bit for the good of their children should do so. They should also work on their co-parenting skills to help their kids to better adjust to the upcoming changes.

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