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November 2016 Archives

Helping children cope with divorce during the holidays

Parents in New York who are contemplating or are going through a divorce during the holiday season should consider taking extra measures to help their children deal with the situation. This is a time of year that is associated with happiness, family, love and goodwill. However, it is also associated with new relationships, visitation schedule conflicts and battles over presents for many of the four million divorced parents in the country, states CNN. This time of year can also become a source of stress and unhappy memories for children.

Stay-at-home moms need a post-nuptial agreement

Wives who become stay-at-home moms in New York after getting married should have post-nuptial agreements. After all, not all marriages last forever. It is not uncommon for the parent who decides to forgo their career to stay home and raise their family to end up getting shortchanged in the situation. When there is no prenuptial agreement in place, women can still take measures to protect their assets so they can retain some kind of financial stability in the event of divorce with a post-nuptial agreement, states The Fiscal Times.

Prenuptial agreements eliminate arguments later on

As unromantic as prenuptial agreements may sound to couples who are contemplating marriage in New York, they can be a great conflict and argument deterrent in the future. Not very many people think about what could happen to their relationships later on down the road when they are in the midst of a divorce. However, doing so can enable them to take measures to protect themselves.

Your divorce doesn't have to be a battlefield

Years of courtroom drama TV, Oscar-worthy performances depicting the emotional devastation of a divorce trial and magazine covers featuring the floating heads of celebrities whose marriages ended have conditioned the public to believe that a divorce might as well be your spouse declaring war.

When can a prenuptial agreement become void?

It is a common belief among many soon-to-be and currently married couples in New York that their prenuptial agreements are iron-clad. As challenging as it may be to break this type of contract, it is possible. At Cobert, Haber & Haber Attorneys at Law, we hear from people who have questions about what can make their prenuptial agreements unenforceable. Before anyone signs a prenuptial contract, they should double check it to ensure that it does not contain any mistakes or issues that could make it useless.