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Divorce contagious among friends

There is a startling new trend emerging among divorcing couples in New York. Many people who split from their partners have friends who are also divorced. According to Psychology Today, people who are friends with divorcees are more likely to split from their partners. Social media plays a big factor because it can facilitate the spread of news and exacerbate issues that may become deal breakers for many spouses.

How it spreads

Popularity and the number of friends a couple have can serve as a buffer to limit the impact of marital stresses. People who have a strong network of friends on social media are more likely to make it through many of the trials and tribulations they may face. However, people who divorce their partners ultimately end up influencing the relationships of their friends and their children’s relationships, states

The impact on relationships

One study indicates that popularity can be negatively affected by divorce because of the perceived threat of marital poaching. Many married couples view their newly divorced friends as threats to their marriages and disassociate themselves from them to prevent potential issues from arising. News of divorce can spread through social network like wildfire, affecting friends up to two degrees removed. It can also interfere with the lines of communication between spouses and cause unnecessary tension and possible irreconcilable issues because information, behaviors and attitudes are shared and scrutinized.

Couples who are in the process of divorce should be careful about sharing information regarding their relationship status with others, especially with their friends through social media.


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