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October 2016 Archives

Divorce contagious among friends

There is a startling new trend emerging among divorcing couples in New York. Many people who split from their partners have friends who are also divorced. According to Psychology Today, people who are friends with divorcees are more likely to split from their partners. Social media plays a big factor because it can facilitate the spread of news and exacerbate issues that may become deal breakers for many spouses.

Paternity testing and DNA fraud

Paternity testing and DNA fraud are on the rise in New York. It is not uncommon for males to question the paternity of children they may have fathered. Nor is it uncommon for women to do so either However, it is unusual for them to go to extraordinary lengths to try and prove that they are not biologically related to their children. According to DNA Testing Choice, “successful attempts at paternity fraud are rare, although the occurrences of it are becoming more common.”

What business owners should know about divorce

If you are a business owner and are contemplating divorce, you may have some concerns that go beyond what a divorcing couple would typically be thinking about. For example, owning a business can make a divorce much more complicated, because that business is a major asset. It could be subject to division as part of the divorce settlement. If that is the case, you could potentially lose a lot more than you would expect. Dividing a business isn't always easy, and sometimes it can't be done at all due to the nature of that business and whether the two of you can share it in some way after the divorce.

How do I divide assets in my divorce?

Going through a divorce in New York is not easy and making decisions about how to split your assets can be a challenge. Marriage is when couples tend to make some of their largest investments, such as buying property and investing in stocks. If your divorce is an amicable one, diving your assets may not be as challenging as it could be if your situation was a contentious one.

Life insurance and child support

One way that a former spouse in New York can protect themselves financially in a divorce is to ask for a life insurance policy to cover their former partner’s child support obligations. According to, as soon as one parent knows they are going to file for divorce, they should take immediate action regarding their insurance policies. Failure to do so can leave matters involving the policies up to the discretion of the courts because filing for divorce will result in an immediate freezing of all accounts.