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How can I make divorce less challenging for my kids?

If you are in the process of finalizing your divorce in New York, you may be wondering how you can make the process less challenging and stressful for your children. Your kids may be struggling to deal with all of the changes this situation has brought into their lives. As a result, they may be shells of their former selves.

According to the Huffington Post, you will need to use your energy wisely so that you can nurture your children’s minds, bodies and souls. Do not expect for your children to adjust to the situation as fast as you are. It is going to take some time for them to get comfortable with the new family dynamic. You should be willing to do whatever it takes to make the transition to two households as easy as possible.

Your children are not going to necessarily express their deepest feelings with you right away. You should be willing to do things with them that they enjoy, such as watching their favorite movies, playing their favorite games or going for walks with them to make them feel more comfortable about opening up to you. Encourage your kids to open up and communicate with you. You want to learn more about their deepest feelings regarding your divorce situation. You should also make sure that your children are getting enough to eat and enough rest while keeping a simple routine to avoid overwhelming them.

Acknowledge your kids feelings. Explain to them that it is okay for them to feel the way they do about your relationship with their other parent and their new living arrangements. This will help to make it clear to your kids that their feelings do matter even though they have no bearing on your divorce situation. You should also encourage them to continue to be truthful about their feelings moving forward.

Once the divorce is over, you should continue to make your children a priority. Keep an eye out for any potential issues so you can resolve them as soon as possible to minimize any challenges that the situation has on your children.



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