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How can I cope with parental alienation?

If you are going through a divorce in New York and you are a victim of parental alienation, you may be wondering how you can cope with the situation. It is important for you to understand that your children’s negative and alienating behavior is not necessarily going to resolve in a short amount of time or on its own. You need to also understand that parental alienation is not a normal consequence of divorce. There are actions you can take to improve your relationship with your children.

According to Big Blended Family, it is possible for you to break through any barriers that your children have put in place. You should constantly work towards establishing credibility and trust with your kids. Stay active and present in their lives. Keep track of everything that goes on in their lives, especially when they are at home and in school, even when they are in the care of your ex-spouse. This will enable them to see you as a positive person in their lives who genuinely loves and cares about them. By establishing yourself as an expert on their needs, preferences and mannerisms, the harder it will be for their other parent to discredit you and create distrust between you and your kids.

No matter how painful or challenging it may seem for you to show up and out for your children, it is crucial for you to do so. You need to continue to treat all aspects of your relationship with your kids positively. It is up to you to seek out broken bridges to mend and build new ones by any means necessary. For example, you should keep track of all firsts and important events and actions in a journal so you can share them with your children. This will help to keep you from reacting when they act badly towards you and motivate you to share more with them so you can reestablish healthy communication and respect between. You should also seek out counseling.

Regardless of how long or short your divorce may be, your kids still need the complete love and support of both parents. Pay attention to their feelings and actions so you can take preventative actions to prevent alienation from occurring.

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