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Divorce and men’s health

Spouses who are going through a divorce in New York may already be aware of how their situation affects everyone in their household. However, many men may not be aware of how much of an impact their separation plays on their health. Traditionally, women are portrayed as less resilient and more emotionally vulnerable and fragile than men. However, The Huffington Post states that negative life events, such as bereavement, divorce, war and bankruptcy are often perceived by men as psychologically damaging and traumatic.

Depression is a condition that male spouses are 10 times less likely to experience than men who are divorced. Married men are less likely to engage in risky behaviors, such as using drugs and alcohol. Also, 10 times as many divorced men receive some kind of psychiatric care than married men. This suggests that males are just as vulnerable to negative life events as women are, if not more.

These factors play a contributing role in the suicide rate for divorced men being 39 percent. Also, health conditions like hypertension, heart disease and stroke contribute to the fact that divorced and unmarried males have a 250 percent mortality rate. This indicates that minor health issues like the common-cold and chronic problems like cancer are more likely to present in men who are no longer married.

Men are prone to keeping their feelings and emotions to themselves. Depression is a direct effect of harboring negative feelings about divorce inside without any outlet, states YourTango. By allowing themselves to grieve properly about their separation, they can improve their mindset and avoid some of the negative effects that the situation has on their health. Also, men should work hard to establish and maintain a connection with their children. Many men who are going through a divorce may feel ashamed about their personal situation because it presents a challenge to their ability to parent their children the way they imagined.

Men who are going through divorce should seek out support and guidance from their friends, loved ones and professionals to prevent their situation from having a negative impact on their health.

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