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Divorce rates spike during certain times of the year

Many couples in New York who want to divorce their partners are not doing so right away. Research shows that there are peak times during the year for married people to file for divorce. Some couples who are able to hold on to their relationships a little longer tend to do so. Separations are not always easy because there are often emotions, finances and children involved. According to CNN, many people tend to file for divorce after the holidays because they are often unable to reconcile their feelings with their spouses during the holiday season. Many couples feel their relationships are not going to improve and stop trying to work things out. Regardless of all of the turmoil and hardships that are experienced throughout the years, many couples’ expectations for their relationships tend to be the highest during the holiday season.

Researchers have noticed that more people are thinking about divorce around certain times of the year, such as during New Years, tax time and summer vacation when the kids are out of school. These are the times when spouses feel more comfortable springing the news on their families because there is a lower risk of them appearing cruel, uncaring and heartless. When factors like employment, finances, housing and the economy are taken into consideration, the seasonal divorce pattern changes a bit, states During the winter time, people are less energized and motivated to end their marriages than they are in the springtime.

There are many factors that determine when married couples file for divorce. The holidays and seasons are just a fraction of what pushes couples to take that final step towards separation.

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