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Divorce parties the new trend

In New York, divorce parties are growing in popularity and becoming a new trend. Gone are the days where soon-to-be ex-spouses mourned the loss of their relationships. Now that legal separations and divorces are becoming more common, many people are using their circumstances as a means to celebrate their newfound freedom. According to The Huffington Post, gifts and emotional support that family members and friends provide to divorcees during this tumultuous time can help them to regain control of their lives.

Due to rapidly changing views and standards in society, many people do not consider divorce to be as taboo or shameful as it once was. People are starting to understand that it is possible for them to live happy and productive lives that are free from the harsh judgments and criticisms that used to occur when people divorced in the past. Spouses who want to leave their significant others in order to start over no longer live in fear of repercussions from their family, friends, peers and society as a whole.

Many party planners are seeing an increase in the demand for divorce parties. After all of the fighting and disputes are over, many ex-spouses want to celebrate their freedom. Divorce parties enable former spouses to release and let go all of the stress they had to endure, states Fox News. This kind of celebration also serves as an opportunity for divorcees to announce to their family, friends and the rest of the world that they are officially single and no longer legally tied to their former partners.

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