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Can ex-spouses still work together?

Spouses who work together in New York know that it is best for them to keep their personal lives separate from work. However, couples who are going through divorce may find that it is hard for them to keep their feelings and separation issues out of the workplace. At Cobert, Haber & Haber Attorneys at Law, we often hear from people who are concerned about working with their ex-spouse. It is possible for you to work together, but there are some steps you should take to ensure that you are both on the same page and interested in establishing a cordial working relationship with each other.

According to, you do not necessarily need to make any definitive decisions about your business right now. Divorces can be messy, and sometimes it is not possible to resolve all of the issues you may have with your ex-partner right away. You and your ex-spouse need to accept and adjust to your new relationship with each other because it is changing. Allowing some time to pass and tackling business matters as they arise, instead of right now, can help to take the pressure off you both so you can make better business decisions together in the future.

You and your ex-spouse should give each other time some time to cool off. By establishing a transition period, you can both reduce conflicts, disagreements and keep your personal issues out of the workplace. You may also be able to benefit from seeking support from an outside party like a mediator who can provide you with guidance on the matter.

All divorced couples are not able to work amicably together. You and your former spouse should add an exit clause to your company’s bylaws just in case one of you decides to leave. Pay attention to your business relationship with your ex-spouse. If it shows signs of irreversible deterioration, you may need to start planning your exit strategy instead of sticking around.

For many couples, divorce means a severing of all ties with each other. However, ex-spouses who currently work together and plan to do so moving forward should try to keep all of their concerns, including those involving personal, family, legal and business separate. To learn more about this subject, please visit our web page.

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