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The effects of social media on divorce

It is not uncommon for people in New York to share their feelings with their friends and loved ones online. However, divorces can be affected by any information that is shared and posted on social media or anywhere else online. This is a time where separating spouses need to be extra careful about their online activity. They should censor what they say and share with their friends and family. Texts, emails and social media posts are potential evidence that can be subpoenaed and used against either spouse, states The Times of India. Depending on the situation, the consequences can positively and negatively impact the outcome for both parties.

According to Forbes, “good judgment, discretion and caution should all be practiced by both spouses” when they are on social media. Each state differs in how it handles the use of social media posts, emails and texts as evidence in court. Therefore, separating spouses should remember to respect each other’s privacy and to protect their own. A spouse’s personal online and social media activity and that of his or her friends’ can be used to prove discrepancies in divorce documents. It can also be used to help a soon-to-be ex-spouse prove to the courts that their former partner is not being truthful, resorting to dirty tricks and hiding assets.

Divorcing couples who decide to use social media should do so responsibly. Each person should avoid sharing any information that they do not want to be shared with the courts. This includes negative details about their ex-spouse, their marriage and their situation because that information can have a serious impact on their divorce outcome.

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