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How can I transition to a single parent status?

Getting a divorce in New York means splitting one household into two. If you are in the process of finalizing your legal separation, you may find yourself wondering – how can I make the transition to single parent status? Becoming a single parent is a big adjustment. However, you should not let it affect your relationship with your children or the parenting one you have with your former spouse.

It is perfectly normal for you to experience all sorts of emotions like guilt and fear as you embark on this new journey. However, you are in control of your situation and ultimately responsible for making sure that your children adjust comfortably to their new lives. You can help your children best by being a good role model and maintaining your confidence and self-sufficient attitude. You need to keep sight of the big picture and establish priorities, states The Huffington Post.

Pay close attention to your children’s feelings and behaviors at all times so you can address any issues that arise and offer reassurance when needed. Do not expect for your children to adjust and be completely accepting of the situation overnight. Be patient and encourage them to do the same. Stressful situations and feelings can make the transition much harder to accomplish. Opening up the lines of communication between you, your kids and your former spouse can help to ensure that stress does not impede your progress. There is no room for any negative comments, feelings and actions.

Do not wait for things to happen to improve your situation, go out and make them happen for yourself. Being proactive about your divorce and newfound parental status can make the transition easier for everyone.

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