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July 2016 Archives

How can I transition to a single parent status?

Getting a divorce in New York means splitting one household into two. If you are in the process of finalizing your legal separation, you may find yourself wondering – how can I make the transition to single parent status? Becoming a single parent is a big adjustment. However, you should not let it affect your relationship with your children or the parenting one you have with your former spouse.

Suggested issues of focus in divorce

When a couple chooses to end a marriage, family and friends often give lots of advice as to what to do or not do during the process. Divorce is seldom easy, and anyone considering it is advised to focus on some of the following important issues to avoid contentious debates and work toward common, agreeable solutions. If problems arise that seem impossible to resolve, consulting a family law attorney for guidance is a good place to start.

Understanding the basics of child support

Many non-custodial parents are ordered by the court to contribute financially to their children's care and upbringing. Child support laws vary by state; so, any parent with concerns will first want to seek clarification of the particular guidelines governing the state in which he or she resides. Often, people with questions turn to experienced family law attorneys for guidance in such matters.

Noncustodial parent: can I maintain a relationship with my kids?

In your divorce decree, your former spouse was awarded primary custody of your children. Now that you are the noncustodial parent, you may be wondering how you can maintain and improve your relationship with your kids. Although there are certain challenges that may arise from being a noncustodial parent in New York, working with the other parent can help you to overcome them and create more a harmonious transition for everyone.

The effects of social media on divorce

It is not uncommon for people in New York to share their feelings with their friends and loved ones online. However, divorces can be affected by any information that is shared and posted on social media or anywhere else online. This is a time where separating spouses need to be extra careful about their online activity. They should censor what they say and share with their friends and family. Texts, emails and social media posts are potential evidence that can be subpoenaed and used against either spouse, states The Times of India. Depending on the situation, the consequences can positively and negatively impact the outcome for both parties.

The importance of business valuation in divorce

When the marital property of a divorcing couple includes a business, arriving at a monetary value of the business for the purposes of equitable division of assets can prove extremely challenging. State laws differ in the proper methodology used to arrive at a fair valuation, and case law is filled with inconsistent conclusions. Never the less, if a professional practice or closely held business must be financially divided, all effort must be applied to place a quantifiable value upon it.