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TV star made lump sum payment to ex in divorce settlement

There are numerous issues that must be settled when New York couples get divorced. This includes dividing their marital assets, determining child custody and awarding alimony. Sometimes, these decisions fall to the court. However, in other cases, couples may reach agreements on their own regarding spousal support and other issues.

An actress on the popular show, “NCIS: New Orleans,” recently reached a settlement in her divorce case. The TV star and her former husband had been at odds over child custody and his request for support. News sources reported that the couple were able to agree on a visitation schedule, however, specific details regarding the custody arrangement for their two-year-old son were not disclosed. As a part of their settlement, the actress will pay her ex $4,000 per month in child support.

According to reports, the former husband of the “NCIS: New Orleans” star had also sought alimony. The amount he had requested was not disclosed, nor was it reported how long the two had been married. In lieu of making monthly payments to her ex over a specified time period, the actress made a lump sum payment of $30,000.

At the end of a marriage, reaching a settlement can often be challenging for divorcing spouses. Their emotions and concerns about the future may impair their ability to reach an agreement. Therefore, divorcing spouses, or those who are thinking about divorce, may benefit from working with an attorney. A lawyer may look out for their interests and negotiate on their behalf, as well as help guide them through the legal process.

Source:, “’NCIS: New Orleans’ Star Zoe McLellan: I’m Only Gonna Pay You One Time in This Divorce,” May 30, 2016

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