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June 2016 Archives

Dealing with a difficult ex-spouse

Going through a divorce in New York can be a harrowing experience. Learning how to cope with a difficult ex-spouse can help to lessen the emotional impact of the situation for the entire family. According to Psychology Today, depending on the circumstances surrounding the divorce, former spouses may resort to acting badly towards each other because of all of the stress they are under from the situation. It is important for spouses to remain aware of each other so that any interactions that occur between them are amicable.

Divorce and retirement plan division in New York

While any divorce holds the potential to become protracted and messy, the greater the assets held within the marriage that is being dissolved, the greater the potential for complication. Couples who have a retirement plan must reach a fair agreement for how to divide this complex asset, along with the rest of their property.

I am a stay-at-home mom – do I need a postnuptial agreement?

Getting married may afford you the opportunity to stay at home in New York to raise your kids and manage the household. However, before you take on that new role, you and your spouse should sign a postnuptial agreement. Taking such action will give you the ability to protect yourself financially later on in a divorce, and according to TODAY, a postnuptial agreement may even help you with your marriage relationship

How can I protect my business in a prenuptial agreement?

It is your responsibility as a Nassau County business owner to protect your business from all types of risks, including those involving divorce. You may not be married now, but the moment you become a union, your spouse may be able to benefit from your business. Establishing a prenuptial agreement before you tie the knot can help to keep your business from being affected by the aftermath of divorce.

An overview of marital versus separate property in New York

According to the New York Department of Health, there were 58,541 divorces across the state in 2013 alone. At the end of a marriage, one of the issues that couples must settle is the division of their property. In addition to quarrelling over who gets what, couples may dispute what is and is not subject to the property division process. When dealing with such matters, therefore, it may be helpful for people to understand what the differences between marital property and separate property.

Domestic violence and family law cases

Domestic violence can strike a variety of families, and is not an uncommon issue in divorce. Anyone can be facing it as an issue, even celebrities, such as the recent, highly-publicized case of actor Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. When people hear the term "domestic violence," many get a certain picture in their head. The picture that most people have is not necessarily the same as a person who experiences it directly.

TV star made lump sum payment to ex in divorce settlement

There are numerous issues that must be settled when New York couples get divorced. This includes dividing their marital assets, determining child custody and awarding alimony. Sometimes, these decisions fall to the court. However, in other cases, couples may reach agreements on their own regarding spousal support and other issues.