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The internet is not Vegas: Lessons about social media and divorce

It's not a new idea, yet it bears repeating: tread carefully on social media during divorce. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat - whatever the site or sites of choice, be warned that anything that goes online could potentially come back to haunt you. A recent publication in the Huffington Post discussed this issue, noting those going through a divorce should be aware of both the emotional and legal issues that can be tied to social media use when going through a divorce.

Divorce and social media: What are the emotional issues?

The first emotional point made in the piece is to realize that social media is generally only showcasing the best of the best. As a result, those who are going through tough times may not benefit from surfing through the highlights of other people's seemingly perfect lives.

It is also wise to keep in mind that privacy on these social media sites can be questionable. Even if you think only friends are able to access the information or view pictures, it may be best to approach these sites as a type of public diary. Do not put information out there that you would not want your future ex, children or other loved ones to discover.

Divorce and social media: What are the legal issues?

The internet is not Vegas. What happens on the internet does not stay on the internet. What happens on the internet can show up in court. This means photos of lavish vacations, posts put up on dating sites or Tweets about a fun night out on the town could be used against you. This information could be used to question your ability to provide a good environment for children or question a claim that you cannot afford requested spousal maintenance payments.

Divorce and social media: Should I avoid the internet?

It is not necessary to abstain from using the internet completely, but it is recommended to be very careful. Do not share anything you would not want public and be aware of the fact that any information put out there could be used by an ex against you.

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