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Parenting agreements can strengthen parental bonds

Getting a divorce in New York essentially dissolves your relationship with your spouse but it does not put an end to the relationship that exists between you and your children. Here at Cobert Haber & Haber Attorneys at Law, we understand how important it is to you to keep that parental bond strong and one way that you can continue to do that is through using a parenting agreement.

The New York State Unified Court System has a form that you and the other parent can fill out, which presents the basics pertaining to the care of your children and the amount of time each of you will spend with them. For example, one portion of the plan concerns the decisions made for the control and care of your children. This would depend on whether you will share custody of your children with the other parent or if you alone will retain custody.

However, you and the other parent can split the decision-making, spelling out which of you will make decisions regarding the children’s health care, education or religious upbringing. You could also indicate that with major decisions, you will consult with each other prior to a final choice.

Another large portion of the form concerns the schedule that you and the other parent will follow. It sets up where the children will spend each holiday, how many sleep-over nights each of you will have with them, week schedules and daily schedules, depending on the arrangement you and the other parent have reached. You can also establish in writing how the children will be exchanged between you and the other parent, the communication methods you will use and how disputes will be settled. For more information concerning your children and the time spent with you, please visit our web page.

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