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Child support dispute center's around Charlie Sheen's income

The main factor determining the amount of child support that someone in New York has to pay is income. For those who make millions of dollars every year, their child support obligations are going to be significantly higher than those who are barely making ends meet. Child support is designed to provide for the care of the children and this includes housing, education, health care and meeting their basic needs.

Actor Charlie Sheen recently claimed that his monthly adjusted income of $87,384 should be used to renegotiate the $55,000 monthly payment he owes in child support to one of his ex-wives. The actor's attorney points out that the current obligation when compared to the current gross income is almost 63 percent. The actor's assets were recently frozen when his ex-wife claimed he was behind on his child support by $88,000.

The ex-wife is also claiming that the actor’s lump sum payment of $26.75 million for one of his sitcoms was done in an effort to lower his monthly income, thereby essentially cheating her of child support. It is unknown whether the actor has filed a response to that claim. Prior to the lump sum payment, he was receiving over $600,000 a month in profits from the show.

When a relationship falls apart, parents can find themselves at opposite ends of the courtroom fighting over financial support concerning their children. Under state law, parents have a monetary responsibility towards their children and this does not end simply because they are no longer with the other parent. Therefore, they may want to discuss their rights and options with an experienced family law attorney.

Source: New York Daily News, “Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife claims he tried to hide child support money,” Nancy Dillon, Apr. 20, 2016

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