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April 2016 Archives

Child support dispute center's around Charlie Sheen's income

The main factor determining the amount of child support that someone in New York has to pay is income. For those who make millions of dollars every year, their child support obligations are going to be significantly higher than those who are barely making ends meet. Child support is designed to provide for the care of the children and this includes housing, education, health care and meeting their basic needs.

Challenging a prenuptial agreement

If you are getting divorced, there are many things to consider. One important document that should not be overlooked is a prenuptial agreement. If you and your spouse have a legally binding prenup, this document will state what you do or do not get in a divorce. However, it may be possible to challenge a prenuptial agreement depending on your specific situation or circumstances. Here are four grounds upon which a prenup may be challenged.

More men are asking for alimony in divorce settlements

There has been a long tradition of women receiving alimony after a divorce, but societal shifts may make it harder to determine which spouse deserves this support. Although still a significant minority due to gender biases, there has been an increase in men rewarded alimony as part of their divorce settlements in New York and around the country, according to Reuters.

What is parental alienation and is your child at risk?

There's no doubt that divorce can be difficult and, for parents who choose to divorce, the emotional ups and downs that accompany the process are likely to be even more magnified. While, in a perfect world, parents who split up would remain on good terms and work together to further the best interests of a shared child; unfortunately, this isn't the reality for many divorcees or their children.

Why unwed parents are advised to establish paternity

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, during 2014, more than 40 percent of U.S. babies were born to unwed mothers. In terms of child custody, unwed mothers are automatically granted 100 percent legal and physical custody rights of a child. This is true even in cases where a baby's biological father is present and involved in a child's life. In order to establish and preserve parental rights, it's imperative that unwed fathers take steps to establish paternity.