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Many marriages end during the first few months of the year. But why?

With Valentine's Day already upon us, most couples would probably think divorce is the last thing on peoples' minds. However, the truth of the matter is that the beginning of the year is peak divorce season. In fact, the two busiest months for divorces are typically January and March.

So why is there a rush to get divorced after the New Year? Well, there may be several reasons. For instance, many couples may think about divorce for some time, but want to make it through the holidays first. This may be because they want one last holiday together as a family or because they want to avoid additional stress during an already stressful holiday season.

Speaking of stress, some people discover that dealing with their in-laws, money troubles and the constant need to "be happy" is simply too much to handle during the holiday season - leading them to find comfort in the arms of others. In fact, some studies have found that nearly half of all cheating spouses do so during the holidays - with divorces following soon after.

Lastly, some couples wait until the New Year to file for divorce for tax reasons. For example, you marital status on December 31 determines whether you and your spouse will file a joint return for the previous year.

Regardless of the reasons, however, if you believe that divorce is your best option, you need to contact an experienced divorce attorney as soon as possible. A knowledgeable attorney can explain your legal rights and help give you and your family the fresh start you need.

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