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Being mindful of children after a divorce

While every New York divorce is different, many children experience the divorce of their parents in similar ways. Parents whose marriages are coming to an end should be mindful of the fact that their children need communication and support during the process and after it has been concluded.

Children whose parents are breaking up may be unsure about the future, so it is important to their parents to let them know that they are loved and not a cause for the divorce. Anxiety and feelings of insecurity may increase if parents speak negatively about each other around a child. In addition to the psychological damage that can occur when parents try to make their offspring chose sides, kids might take remarks about a parent personally because a child comes from both parents and usually shares personality traits with each of them.

Parents might not always recognize when they put children in difficult positions. When both parents are no longer in the same residence, a child may fear losing one of them. This belief is encouraged when children do not feel comfortable contacting a parent because they are afraid of the other's reaction, so kids should know they can always text, call or otherwise contact both parents.

Putting aside differences for a child's sake is often easier said than done, but being mindful of what could be required when starting the divorce process may help parents prepare for the future. Courts tend to prefer that both parents maintain relationships with their children after the end of a marriage, and a family law attorney can be of assistance to a client in negotiating a custody and visitation plan that reflects that goal.

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