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Proactive steps to avoid divorce

Divorce statistics can make grim reading for couples in New York who are planning to marry, but taking a proactive approach could allow them to avoid some of the pitfalls that can undermine even the strongest marriages. Divorced couples often cite financial pressures or disagreements over money as major factors leading to the failure of their marriages, but there may be ways for couples to avoid such conflicts or minimize the damage they can do.

Communication is vital if a marriage is to endure, and this is particularly true when it comes to discussions about money. Spouses are generally less likely to seek a divorce when they have a common financial goal and are both involved in making important decisions involving money. Avoiding misunderstandings about how much is coming in and how much is owed can also prevent surprises and the accusations that often follow dawning realizations.

Another financial stress that can be the undoing of a seemingly robust marriage involves the feelings of helplessness that spouses often endure when they leave the workforce in order to care for their children. Staying abreast of developments in the business community and keeping the lines of communication with former colleagues open can mitigate these feelings and strengthen a marriage. Avoiding financial anxieties may also allow spouses to more fully enjoy the joys of parenthood.

While media reports about frugal celebrities and business figures have made many suspicious of prenuptial agreements, entering into these types of contracts can actually make a subsequent marriage more likely to endure by reducing suspicions and calming fears. A family law attorney with experience in this area could assess the assets that a client is taking into a marriage and determine if a prenuptial agreement would be advisable.

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