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Advanced preparation for a divorce in the new year

Divorces tend to surge in January as individuals consider entering the new year by making a fresh start. Prior to beginning the process, New York residents may want to review a number of issues to be sure that they understand the implications of the action. In some cases, a careful evaluation of the matter may result in a decision to wait. In other cases, people may be able to organize their affairs and proceed with certainty.

In preparing for divorce, it is wise to work not only with a divorce lawyer but also with a financial planner and with a psychologist. The financial planner can assist in determining important monetary factors related to the action. In an equitable distribution state such as New York, assets are divided in a divorce based on numerous issues such as the future financial standings of the parties and whether one of the parties gave up a career to stay home and raise children. If a prenuptial agreement is in place, this will also be evaluated for an understanding of how a divorce will affect each party. A psychologist can be helpful in making the decision to divorce by ensuring that the matter is addressed in a level-headed manner.

In moving forward, people will need to gather the needed documentation of financial matters. They may also want to minimize the potential for embarrassing details to be used against them. If the matter becomes particularly contentious, there may be a need to safeguard physical and digital property by changing passwords and access codes.

In selecting a divorce lawyer, an individual may want to work with an impartial party who has no connection to their family. A lawyer might recommend alternative approaches that can simplify the matter by avoiding the need to go to court.

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