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December 2015 Archives

Holiday issues with children and visitation plans

A New York divorced parent might find that the holiday season is stressful enough without worrying about a visitation schedule. However, the end of a marriage can lead to some unavoidable challenges as parenting time is shared. Children can deal with a lot of tension if their parents refuse to cooperate or comply with ordered schedules. Those families just starting to separate lives as divorce proceedings are initiated may not even have formal arrangements yet. However, creating a temporary plan at this point could help in establishing a pattern for the future.

Advanced preparation for a divorce in the new year

Divorces tend to surge in January as individuals consider entering the new year by making a fresh start. Prior to beginning the process, New York residents may want to review a number of issues to be sure that they understand the implications of the action. In some cases, a careful evaluation of the matter may result in a decision to wait. In other cases, people may be able to organize their affairs and proceed with certainty.

Proactive steps to avoid divorce

Divorce statistics can make grim reading for couples in New York who are planning to marry, but taking a proactive approach could allow them to avoid some of the pitfalls that can undermine even the strongest marriages. Divorced couples often cite financial pressures or disagreements over money as major factors leading to the failure of their marriages, but there may be ways for couples to avoid such conflicts or minimize the damage they can do.