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Checklists to avoid common divorce mistakes

As many New York residents have found out, going through a divorce can be overwhelming. Further, the process can be complicated, making it difficult to plan a life after the divorce is finalized. In order to avoid some common mistakes that many experience, there are some things that those who are facing the end of a marriage should do.

One of the first things that anyone heading towards divorce should do is to get a credit report. This way, they know about any debt that may be listed. Additionally, making a checklist will make it much easier to ensure that they have all of the financial documents they will need as they go through the divorce process. If any money is supposed to transfer between parties, those who are supposed to receive money should double check and make sure that they actually do.

If children are involved, it can be difficult to actually visualize what parenting time really looks like. It is recommended that a calendar be used to block out the times when a parent will have the children for at least the first year. Further, parents should make a list of important issues before they begin negotiations with the other parent, such as how and where pickups and drop offs will be done and how holidays and other important events will be handled.

Although it can be helpful for those going through a divorce to attempt mediation, not everyone can put aside their differences. A family law attorney can help a divorcing spouse determine what their needs are regarding child custody and alimony and help ensure those needs are addressed during court proceedings. The attorney can also help the client prepare for the proceedings so that nothing is forgotten, such as debts and important assets.

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