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Benefits of hiring a divorce lawyer

New York residents who are preparing to file for divorce may wonder if they need to hire a lawyer or if they will be able to represent themselves in court. Some couples may be able to represent themselves, especially if there are no children born of the marriage or if there is not much marital property to divide. However, many people may find that hiring a divorce lawyer can help make the process much less confusing and can help them achieve a better outcome than those who represent themselves.

A family law attorney can sometimes help clients achieve a better outcome by being familiar with recent changes in the law and knowing what a judge expects to see in court. Judges are more likely to reach a decision in favor of a particular client when they have everything they need in front of them to reach that decision. Attorneys may also be able to assist clients by alleviating the burden of doing much of the paperwork that a divorce requires.

A divorce lawyer may be able to help clients explore their options and present alternatives that some clients may not have even considered. Issues like child custody can be tricky, especially when both spouses work and want maximum parenting time with the children. An attorney may be able to provide impartial feedback and keep lines of communication open even when emotions are running high.

Navigating a divorce can be tricky, and experienced divorce lawyers may be able to help clients save both time and money. It is important to get some issues right during a divorce, because some of the determinations made by a judge during the initial divorce proceedings may require later requests for modification if problems arise.

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