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Mistakes couples make in the divorce process

Some New York couples currently going through a divorce might think that getting married was the worst mistake they ever made. These individuals might be surprised to learn that many people say getting divorced was their biggest mistake, or rather the divorce process itself ranks as their biggest mistake. Many divorcees believe that they are paying too much alimony or that they aren't receiving enough in child support.

Couples may also make mistakes in choosing the right divorce process. They may think they have to fight it out in court, not realizing other divorce options include mediation and negotiation, which are often less stressful. Other spouses may not have all the necessary financial information on their estranged spouse, which means they might be short-changed when it comes to property division.

If children are involved, parents need to figure out a custody plan that works for both them and the kids. If spouses can't get along with each other after a divorce, joint custody of their children most likely isn't the best custody arrangement. In this case, sole custody may be a better option. Divorces are difficult on children. Parents should not make the situation worse by fighting over who gets custody.

Another mistake some divorcing couples make is not hiring the right attorney for their situation. Before retaining their lawyers, spouses should examine their own needs, what their spouse is like and what sort of divorce process they want. From there, they should look for a lawyer who can meet those needs. If one spouse is willing to compromise, there may be no need for the other individual to fight certain issues.

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