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Background info helpful when meeting with divorce attorney

Divorce can be stressful on couples even before the process begins. New York spouses can prepare themselves for that first step, i.e., the initial consultation with a divorce attorney, by putting together the information the attorney is likely to ask for at the first meeting.

Before meeting with an attorney, a member of the attorney's staff will likely do a check for potential conflicts of interest. If there are none, a consultation will be scheduled with the attorney. The spouse should be prepared to provide basic information like their address and phone number as well as information about their employment, income, assets and debts, other financial information, wedding date and names and ages of any children.

The spouse should be prepared to discuss the circumstances surrounding the divorce. The attorney will go over any potential issues that may arise, such as child and spousal support, equitable division or assets and liabilities, and whether expert witnesses may be necessary during the divorce process. The attorney should also talk about other methods that might be used to resolve the divorce, including mediation and arbitration. Fees and whether the attorney requires a retainer should be talked about.

The end of a marriage can be difficult. While some couples may be able to go the do-it-yourself divorce route, this won't work for all New York couples, especially when high-asset divorces are involved. Divorces that must take children, high assets or liabilities into account can quickly become complicated or contentious, and one or both spouses may require assistance from a family law attorney. Divorce lawyers may be able to assist by making sure that all the necessary paperwork is done properly and that any divorce settlement is in their client's best interests.

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