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August 2015 Archives

Study shows women initiate divorce more often than men

Divorces in New York may be more likely to be initiated by women than men, according to a new study. Researchers conducted a survey called 'How Couples Meet and Stay Together" and then presented their analysis of the survey to the American Sociological Association. According to the study, women initiate 69 percent of divorces involving heterosexual couples.

Background info helpful when meeting with divorce attorney

Divorce can be stressful on couples even before the process begins. New York spouses can prepare themselves for that first step, i.e., the initial consultation with a divorce attorney, by putting together the information the attorney is likely to ask for at the first meeting.

Mistakes couples make in the divorce process

Some New York couples currently going through a divorce might think that getting married was the worst mistake they ever made. These individuals might be surprised to learn that many people say getting divorced was their biggest mistake, or rather the divorce process itself ranks as their biggest mistake. Many divorcees believe that they are paying too much alimony or that they aren't receiving enough in child support.