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June 2015 Archives

The concept of shared parenting in custody decisions

Many people feel that fathers have a more difficult time obtaining physical custody than mothers. They state that the children of divorce would benefit from a more even distribution of parental rights. Fathers' rights groups and others have been advocating for revisions to the law in several states, and they have produced many studies and statistics to buttress their case.

A different view of "deadbeat dads"

New York fathers who abandon their financial responsibility to their children are often the target of scorn and derision. Around the county, 2011 census data showed that men paid less than two-thirds of the child support that they owed to the mothers of their children.

Common mistakes that are often made during a divorce

It is unfortunately common for some New York couples who are going through a divorce to make major financial blunders. These mistakes include issues that in many cases can be entirely controllable if they are known ahead of time. Because of this, people whose marriages are ending should keep a level head when they are faced with certain decisions.