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October 2014 Archives

Berry's child support request reveals double standard

When it comes to child support, there is an ingrained way of thinking about the payments. Most people think that it is the man who has to pay the woman in the wake of a divorce where children are involved. After all, 60 years ago society dictated that men would work and earn the family's income and women would stay at home and look after the kids and the house.

Finances a key part of divorce at an older age

Did you know that as of 2008, there were twice as many people over the age of 50 who went through a divorce than there were in 1980? The increasing rate aligns with the relatively high divorce rates of recent times. That 2008 statistic goes a bit deeper, as about 1 percent of every 1,000 people aged at least 50 went through a divorce that year.